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Energy Clearing Workshop

Have you ever thought about waxing your car before you clean it?  Have you ever tried to improve your life through healing without clearing your energy body?  Our belief is that your car should be cleaned before it's waxed and your energy body should be cleared before it's healed.  Join us in one of our workshops across the globe and learn about the energies that can attach to your body and how to remove them.  You will also learn the basics of the Chakras and when balanced how they can protect us from these energy attachments.  

Gain insight to you, your emotions and your unique energy.  Empower yourself to a new level of consciousness by learning tools and gaining valuable information that will enable you to live with more energy, vitality and higher vibrations so that you can live the life that you are meant to without blockages and energy attachments weighing you down.  

Energy Workshop Agenda

  • In-depth discussions about the energies of our body and the lower level energies around us
  • Learn about the Chakra system 
  • ​Full body Chakra scan and re-balance
  • How to protect yourself from lower level energies
  • Personalized energy clearing ($150USD Value)
  • Cutting psychic cords

Membership - Coaching


Do you feel like you can use an energy clearing on a regular basis for you and your family?  Well your in luck, we have put together a few packages to suit everyones needs.  Here's how it works.....


  • Piece of mind that you'll be clear on a regular basis.
  • Every week on an ongoing basis we check your energy for attachments and clear them as needed.
  • An email informing you that you or a family member has been cleared.
  • Access to personal and property clearings at your request anytime.


  • Everything listed above plus fortnightly(every other week) thirty minute Skype conversation.


  • Everything listed in membership plus weekly thirty minute Skype conversation.


  • 45 minute reiki session once a month.

Energy Clearing 

What is energy clearing? It is simply the clearing and releasing of unwanted energies that are attached to our energy body.  Most of these energies have been attached for years and we have just regarded them as our own, when in fact they have been causing minor issues that eventually turn into major issues.  Some of the issues they may cause is depression, sleeping disorders via mind chatter or nightmares, negative self talk, headaches, hearing voices, unmanageable fear and many other mental as well as physical issues.  This service can be done for you or a loved one with no inconvenience to either.  The process is done remotely while you are carrying on with your day. 

Upcoming Workshops

  • ​​Portland, Or. - 26th of May 2018
  • Vancouver, BC - 18th of August 2018
  • Seattle, Wa. - 13th of  October 2018
  • Auckland, New Zealand -  27th of October 2018
  • Queenstown, New Zealand - 4th of November 2018
  • Wellington, New Zealand - 10th of November 2018
  • Melbourne, Australia - TBA March 2019

                                    Soul Retrieval

Soul loss occurs as a result of traumatic experiences throughout our current life and past lives.  These experiences could be from physical or mental abuse or even spiritual and emotional trauma.  What happens is parts of our soul leave the body and becomes fragmented because some of these events are too painful to bare.  In some cases these fragments do not return because that part of the soul feels it's unsafe to do so.  

What we do is connect to the spirit realm and retrieve this fragmented pieces and return them to you so you can be whole again.  

Helping you connect to your Higher Self

                                         Soul Ties

​A Soul Tie is a connection in the spirit realm between two or more people.  It connects their souls together, which can be beneficial if it's the right soul or it can be detrimental if it's not.  We connect our souls by being intimate with each other whether we intend to or not.  Simply by having intimate relations with a partner our souls connect.  In some cases people have several soul connections and don't even realise.

                                  Removal of Curses

​Sometimes in life we cross paths with people that intentionally send us negative energy.  This can hang around us for many years causing all types of problems and sometimes can even be generational.  What I mean by generational is it can be negative energy sent to a family member in the past and it covers the entire family.  So in essence the family just has negative energy hanging around for the entire generation.

If you would like us to check and see if you have a curse or hex hanging around you or your family, we can do this at no charge.

This service is free with any Energy Clearing.